How to Choose a Mattress for Side Sleepers

When you’re a side-sleeper, your hips and hips must have a cushioned mattress. However, the gravitational pull is not supposed to tighten your spine. This involves choosing a soft to medium color mattress for a majority of side-sleepers. We propose six side sleeping mattresses after hundreds of hours of testing, including two foam types, three indoor mattresses, and one hybrid. We have also included descriptions of some slightly firmer mattresses for sleepers who often move on the back and stomach or just like a better feeling. Here is a guide on how to choose best mattress side sleeper.

Alignment of Spine

Side-sleepers – and people from all places should look for a mattress that matches the spine and supports it well. If you are sleeping, have a person take a photo from behind as you lie on your side to establish whether a mattress keeps your body neutral. You should be able to draw the midpoints of your ore, shoulders, and hips in a very straight line. You probably need something firmer if the mattress seems to be down in your hips and shoulders.

Pressure points

Pressure alleviation is the second factor in choosing a good mattress. Since most people move around at night, pressure relief is not at least medically vital, like a spinal alignment. But side sleepers should pay attention to pressure points from a comfort perspective. This is because (at least at first) side sleepers carry most of their weight onto a hip and shoulder and smoothing the areas against the bed. The president of Columbia Best Mattress, South Carolina, Buddy Delaney, informed us that a mattress with an elegant top layer could attract side sleepers. The mattresses in this guide, including the most important of our competitors, will decrease pressure to various degrees on your hips and shoulders.

Of course, it’s pretty subjective how coated or hard a mattress feels and relies on the weight, body proportions, and preferences. We’d argue, though, that our recommended side-sleeping mattresses range from medium to medium-sized. If you want a firmer mattress but find that the mattress hurts your shoulders — or you want a sweeter mattress, but find that your spine is not aligned — check models with the highest layer of plaster, seamlessly transforming into the supportive middle and lower layers like Saatva Classic and Loom & Leaf (Relaxed Firm). A medium to solid mattress with a mattress topper may also be considered. Or attempt to get higher on your pillow to coat your shoulder better, as long as it is aligned with your back. Also, bear in mind that colors, over time, can soften.

Shy: Can’t Buy in Person

Factors like comfort, pressure relief, and firmness are very personal, so we urge you always sample a mattress in person before you buy it. Whether a specific mattress could work for you over the long haul is still the best way to know; however, we know that is not always an option – pandemic or no pandemic. We recommend you choose a mattress with a decent refund policy if you choose to take a chance and purchase a couch online without first trying it out. We think that the hybrid, which strikes a good balance between a cuddly mold of foam and a (lightly bouncy) support of an intra-spring, can have excellent luck if you tend to change positions during the night (along with other rotators).